Benefits and Risks for Foreign Investors in Saudi Arabia

Business Finance

I need a report written in APA style. In the attachment there’s a paper (which is written by me and not to be used as a source in this report) called “should investors invest in Coca” it is an example of what level of English is needed in this report plus a background and recommendation are needed, as shown below. Need 2000 words single spaced.

I want it to talk about the benefits and risks that investors might face when investing in Saudi Arabia, note that this paper should acknowledge the Saudi vision 2030. Outer research is needed. Also charts are needed in this report

What should be included is:

1- Simple Introduction on the topic and what will be discussed

2-Background including: 2 sources (using 1 scholarly source, and 1 should be charts )

3- Body1 (about risk): demonstrate 2 points. Also, Include 2 paraphrases for each point from one of the sources in one of this body’s paragraphs.

4- Body2 (about benefits): demonstrate 4 points. Also, show 2 paraphrases from sources and only 1 chart

-Short conclusion

-Short recommendation: includes ideas and advices from the author (such as: I believe foreign investors should do…etc)

Please send me a copy of the work after finishing half of it to know if things are going well… should be simple. Also please send a copy before finishing the work in order for me to view to ask for final touches.

I will be sending the rest of the attachments to the tutor once he is picked, since there isn’t enough space.

Thank you.