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We looked at three different areas, Individual, Family and Relationship/Marriage, over the course of the semester.  For each area, we reviewed general information (power points), research articles, videos, TedTalks from experts in the field, guest speakers, and general discussion with your peers.  For the final paper, I would like for you to summarize each different area that we discussed.  For the summary, I would like for you to discuss the areas that stood out to you or were most meaningful to you personally.  This means you don’t need to recap everything just 3-5 points about each section that were meaningful to you and why.  I would also like you to answer 2 questions in each section. (1) What new thing did you learn that you were not previously aware of and (2) how will you apply this new information into your personal and/or professional life moving forward.Assignment:  The paper will have three sections, Individual, Family, Relationship/marriage (please label each section).  In each section you will provide the following information:- Summarize 3-5 points of information that were meaningful to you- what new thing did you learn- how will you apply the new information into your personal and/or professional life.Make sure to reference material from the class to demonstrate understanding.


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