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COURSEWORK – Questions

“If security no longer comes from being employed, then it must come from being employable. In a post – entrepreneurial era in which corporations need flexibility to change and restructuring is a fact of life, the promise of very long-term employment security would be the wrong one to expect employers to make. But employment security – the knowledge that today’s work will enhance the person’s value in terms of future opportunities – that is a promise that can be made and kept. Employability security comes from the chance to accumulate human capital – skills and reputation – that can be invested in new opportunities as they rise.” (Kanter, 1989, p321)

(Source: Weightman, J. 2004, Managing People, 2nd Ed, CIPD.)


1. What do you understand about “employability” and how does related to employers’ expectations in general. (10 marks)

2. Discuss how might the “psychological contract” can be enhanced or being in place at present days.” (15 marks)

3. Does employee loyalty make sense for you at these days? Discuss with reasons. (15 marks)

4. Discuss her ideas in terms of human capital developments in contributions towards organisational success by reference to above statement of Kanter (1989). (20 marks)