An Act of Internet Crime Took Place Discussion



Please describe an instance of which you are aware in which an act of internet crime took place.


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In our propelled development driven age, keeping our own information private is ending up more troublesome. Truth be told, significantly gathered unpretentious components are ending up more available to open databases, since we are more interconnected than whenever in late memory. Our data is available for almost anyone to channel through in view of this bury network. This makes a negative disgrace that the usage of advancement is hazardous in light of the way that in every practical sense anyone can get to one’s private information at a cost. Advancement continues promising to encourage our step by step lives; in any case, there are risks of using development. One of the essential hazards of using development is the threat of digital wrongdoings.

Ordinary web customers may be ignorant of cybercrimes, also what to do if they fall loss of advanced strikes. Various unadulterated individuals capitulate to cybercrimes around the world, especially since development is progressing at a quick pace. Cybercrimes are any bad behaviors that reason evil to another individual using a PC and a framework. Cybercrimes can occur by issues incorporating passage of security and mystery. At whatever point security and mystery information is lost or prevented by unlawfully individuals, it offers way to deal with unmistakable bad behaviors, for instance, hacking, advanced dread based persecution, observation, cash related theft, copyright infringement, spamming, computerized battling and various more infringement which happen transversely finished edges. Cybercrimes can unfold once their information is burst by an unlawful customer.


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There has been an increase in the number of crimes committed over the internet over the past few years. Hackers are continuously coming up with various ways of taking advantage of loopholes that occur. Some of the most common crimes that occur over the internet may include cyberbullying particularly on social media sites (Moore, 2005). Cases of identity theft have also been happening mostly when people steal identities of others so that they can steal money or access other sites illegally. Hackers also send viruses and worms to other people in a bid to collect information that would help them get money or information that they would be able to blackmail other people or companies.

In the year 2015, three people were charged with stealing data that belonged to millions of people all over the world. The crime took place over a decade and the hackers called the incident one of the biggest financial theft in history. It is believed that they carried out their operations in Israel and mostly targeted huge corporations including banks. They would steal the data and then sell it to other networks, which would then use the data fraudulently. Furthermore, it is said that they stole customer information totaling to more than 83 million (Elsom, 2017). They not only stole customer data but also information about companies. This information was used to influence stock prices resulting into abnormal gains for the hackers. They ended up having more than 200 fake identity documents and hence were able to obtain large-scale payment for criminals, launder money, as well as exchange bit coins illegally. It is clear that they stole a lot of money before they were captured most of which will never be given to the original owners.


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