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-First paragraph introduction and last paragraph conclusion

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Assignment Instructions: Qualitative Research Critique

This assignment will allow you to review and critique a Qualitative research article. The critique is an analysis of the article. Please use the questions on the rubric to guide that analysis. Generally 1-3 sentences are sufficient to answer each question depending on the question. You need to address each component thoroughly from the content of the article, providing rationale for each of the statements. If a research component is not addressed in the article, you must explain whether or not this is justified. As you dwell with your article, be sure to review qualitative article critique in Polit and Beck textbook, pp. 106-109. The paper should include an introduction and a summary. The paper should be no more than 7 pages excluding title and reference page.

Please choose one of the following three articles on which to write your critique. Choose just one and include the entire citation in your critique.

Assignment Objectives:

  • Critique study objectives in research reports.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of methods to gather and organize information for a study.
  • Identify research problems generated from the practice setting.
  • Critique research problems and the purpose for a study.
  • Critique literature reviews for relevance, currency, and multidisciplinary sources.

The Qualitative Article Critique is worth 20% of your Final Grade.

Qualitative Article Critique Grading Rubric is provided below.

*The last 4 criteria of the rubric are for your faculty to assess your writing of this formal paper assignment. You do not include the last 4 criteria in your paper. The criteria that are reserved for faculty only AND you do not write to are the following:

Ideas organized and clearly expressed including an introduction and summary–4 points

—Information of the critique provided with few quotes from original sources–4 points

—Grammar and sentence structure is correct–6 points

—Adheres to APA format