2023 Two page writing assignment about one of these topics The article needs to sound interesting make sure it is

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Psychology 2023 psycology writing assignment

Two page writing assignment about one of these topics The article needs to sound interesting make sure it is 2023

Two page writing assignment about one of these topics. The article needs to sound interesting (make sure it is published in a peer-reviewed journal.):






Draft a two-page document (double spaced, 12-point font, Times New Roman) with an introduction for the topic you chose to investigate and a brief description of the target article(3-4 sentences). In the body (10-12 sentences), briefly discuss the accuracy of each citation. Include what was said, and if it was fair. Write a brief conclusion (2-3 sentences) that summarizes your 



Step 1: Identify 2 articles that your target article cited. This can be accomplished by finding two in-text citations and then using the reference section to locate the specific articles. Make sure you understand why your target article cited them. In other words, what was the function of each citation? Navigate to the two articles and read them. Determine if the citations in the target article were accurate.


Step 2: Identify 2 articles that cited your target article. This can be accomplished by navigating to Google Scholar, locating the target article, and then selecting the “cited by” link. This will display a list of articles that have cited the target article. Select two of them that sound interesting and read them. Make sure you know why they cited your target article. In other words, what did the two articles say about your target article? Was the target article accurately represented?

Step 4: Determine if citations were accurate. You will have to make this determination four times: two studies cited by the target article, and two studies that cited the target article.

Step 6: Create a reference section listing all 5 citations in APA format.

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