Psychology 2023 discussion

To better understand world religions the key is becoming acquainted with the 2023


To better understand world religions,  the key is becoming acquainted with the Sacred Texts of that religion.  An example would be that one best understands Judaism by becoming  acquainted with the Old Testament.  This week we consider one of the  oldest religions in Hinduism and its Sacred Texts which includes the  Vedas that probably came out of the Indus Valley in India where the  seeds of Hinduism first began and developed around 1000 BC. Read the  section of the text, The Vedas (pg79-81) as an overview for this week’s  discussion 

Go to the following website following and choose one of the 25 sections of the Vedas.

A. Identify the section you choose and then 

B. Summarize the meaning as you  understand it and by quoting a small portion and adding any comments or  reflections on what you read. Can you find any common theme to any other  Sacred Book such as the Bible, Koran?   

C. What meaning can you draw that your selection may seek to communicate for persons today?

D. JAINISM –   Choose ONE  (1) of  the following principles of Jainism and summarize its meaning for this  religion:  AHIMSA    APARIGRAHA   ANEKANTWAD

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