2023 Substantive response Please further conversation End response with question APA format 175 word

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Psychology 2023 Wk 5, HCS 335: DR 1

Substantive response Please further conversation End response with question APA format 175 word 2023

Substantive response. Please further conversation. End response with question.

APA format

175 word minimum

At least 1 reference

Respond to the following post that was in response to mine:


Carly Weiner

Great point about the current shortage of skill labor, this is absolutely a major issue in the United States and has become more apparent now during Covid-19. Nurses, doctors, medical assistants and pharmacists are need more now than ever and it is so unfortunate that there is such a shortage. Lack of skill labor impacts the entire organization and brings along a huge unwanted burden and stress to health care managers who need to ensure the safety of their patients and employees without the proper help needed. Healthcare employees are going to be high demand for many years to come. According to the World Health Organization, 57 countries face a healthcare worker crisis (most countries are in Africa and Asia). They estimate that 2.3 million healthcare professionals and 1.9 million health administrative support workers are necessary to fill the gap (Countries, 2016).


Countries. (2016). World health organization. https://www.who.int/workforcealliance/countries/en/

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