2023 Replies to classmates and be constructive and professional Shea post Being positive is a huge part of who I am

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Replies to classmates and be constructive and professional Shea post Being positive is a huge part of who I am 2023


Replies to classmates and be constructive and professional.

Shea post 


Being positive is a huge part of who I am. In the past I realized that I could be very negative in my thinking and ways of doing things and never really felt that I could get through to people or make breakthroughs in different life events. As I got older, I have made sure that I am self aware of my attitude and ensuring that I remain positive. I’ve had the mantra that negative thinking gives you negative results. With that being said, I make sure I tell my kids to remain positive for positive things to happen.

By maintaining a positive writing style, I believe that you are able to weed out negative remarks and can ensure a positive dialogue in regard to the topic at hand. Being positive gives you the ability to make instrumental steps to achieving a solution to any problem or task needed to be done. Positivity goes a long way in life in general, not just work. Colleagues and customers will react better with a positive demeanor. This just reiterates that tone and delivery are key to achieving your best results in your writing.

Jennifer post


This week’s lesson reminded me of the importance of how and what words we use in writing to express a message. Being in the sales world, a written message is delivered everyday. I have been successful when I plan out the message with a positive message offering choices for the audience, a call to action, and creating a reason on why they need my hotel services. The most important part of being successful is laying out a message backwards, meaning start with what the “takeaway” should be, then create the two to three steps of how to get there. When working backwards it ensures I remain concise, direct and eliminate the option to ramble.

Emails have become such a common practice in most industries, it is important to thoroughly reread and proofread prior to hitting send. When emails remain direct, positive, concise and have a purpose there is less of a chance of misunderstanding. One technique I use is, I write the email the first time exactly how I am thinking or feeling and then edit. By doing this, I remain conscious of my tone and delivery.

Ricky post


Expansionary and contractionary engagements with the fiscal policy are tools used for applying pressure or demand in our economy. This is done by controlling government spending and controlling government taxes. Both contractionary and expansionary have their pros and cons and neither is the best way all the time for what our economy has developed into today.

Expansionary policy is used to increase demand by reducing taxes and raising government spending. This leads to expansion and growth in the economy. However during periods of high inflation expansionary policies can lead to recessions or bubbles if not carefully watched. This type of expansion policy is a right hand change of the aggregate demand curve increasing the GDP.

Likewise contractionary fiscal policy is the opposite where governments increase taxes and reduce spending. This could be perceived as bad at first however depending on the inflation period and the economy this can be a valuable play in the governments economy handbook. Lowering taxes and restricting spending can reduce the aggregate demand and slow down inflation to where the balance equilibrium is reduced.

Michael post


Expansionary policy means that the government wants to inject funds into the economy. They do this in a few ways, but primarily by decreasing taxes and increasing government spending. We’ve seen this in action during the current COVID crisis, where not only have taxes and regulatory laws been made less restrictive, there have been massive injections of cash into the economy via the various relief programs the government set up to try and deal with the economic impacts of COVID.

Once this crisis is behind us (soon, I hope), then we can probably expect that the government will enact some contractionary policies. This may not be immediate, as even if a vaccine or other solutions is found tomorrow it could take months before there are any measurable impacts to economic environment. However, I expect that the less restrictive tax and regulatory policies will be slowly eliminated, and most if not all of the government spending at the business and individual level will be curtailed or stopped.

It has been interesting to see that the government can act quickly when there’s cooperation and a common focus. We’ve seen in the aftermath of 9/11, and we saw it at the beginning of the COVID crisis. Unfortunately, I think that COVID is becoming more of a political issue rather than an economic concern, so there is less cooperation and a lowered likelihood that further stimulus spending is forthcoming.

Matthew post


In present day America there are many perspectives on the issue of climate change. The “side” I most often hear, presented by both politicians and the media, is support for the idea that climate change is having an impact on a global scale. Noting that there may be a bias as the perceived content varies according to each individual based on their perspective on climate change; I more often hear the media conveying information that the planet is warming and will follow with detrimental consequences.

I believe that the position that is heard most from the media and politicians has a huge influence on the direction in which climate change research is headed. Firstly, it is the job of the media to gain the attention of the public. As a result, many viewers may gain their knowledge from the media and as the content is viewed the public is due to inherently hear more about preventing climate change as opposed to the alternative side. Likewise, politicians are often observed by the public; the laws or policies that are proposed and supported relating to climate change has a direct Impact on society. The information shared by both the media and politicians may influence scientists as well as upcoming scientists to take interest in the particular field, promoting climate change research. If the content is in fact supporting the prevention of climate change and the public is absorbing alarming information regarding potential consequences, then society will demand for the issue to be resolved. The resolution to the problem would need further research on climate change to increase the probability of success, and thus media and politicians have a huge influence.

Holly post


When I first read the assignment, it made me pause to consider the changes we saw around the globe during the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic. When humans were still, the earth was healing herself. I’m certain that this “experiment” supports other scientific evidence that climate change is a result of the “human condition”. Remember back to “The Blob” from a previous module and how the ocean’s temperature directly affects the Jetstream and ultimately is what causes the wildfires on the west coast and the colder, wetter weather on the east coast? Furthermore, in the article “A Problem Like No Other” I learned that policy makers have known about the dangers of climate change since the 1960’s!

The thing I’ve heard the most about is our President pulling out of the Paris Clean Air Act. For those of you that are not familiar, this act sets a global framework to deal with greenhouse-gas emissions mitigation, adaptation, and finance. This act includes a commitment from all major emitting countries to cut their climate-altering pollution. I think resistance to admitting the science behind climate change is detrimental to the future of this planet. It would be interesting to have the decision makers collaborate with the scientists and get educated on both sides. Perhaps this would lead to new, creative solutions, outside of colonizing another planet.

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