Psychology 2023 Hypothesis to Bandura Bobo Doll

Instructions Use the following question to come up with a hypothesis sentence from 2023

Instructions: Use the following question to come up with a hypothesis sentence from the attached paragraph:

If you believed that knowing a child’s baseline for aggression would alter the interpretation of the Bobo doll experiment and wanted to challenge Bandura’s experiment what would your hypothesis be?

Instructions: The following paragraph is what I wrote and where she came up with her question for. I wanted to include it for you to read so you know what hypothesis sentence to come up with. 

{ One of the major limitations of albert Bandura’s Bobo Doll experiment is the failure to account for child’s behavior before the treatment was administered. For instance, a given child might already be prone to violent outbursts even before Bandura showed him/her the video of an aggressive adult model or modeled them by showing them a room with a model behaving aggressively towards the Bobo Doll. In this scenario measuring the child’s imitation of aggressive behavior would serve no purpose as the experiment is not the only priming social situation.  To address this problem, a study should be conducted before the Bobo Doll experiment to determine each child’s level of aggressiveness beforehand. In this setup, each child should be shown a room with a variety of toys and allowed to interact with them, while the research observes any aggressive on non-aggressive behaviors. Then their score could probably be rated on a scale of 1-10 with the lower values denoting non-aggressive traits while upper values denoting increased levels of aggression. }

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