2023 Instructions Case Study Outline 1 Read the following case study and interview questions complete the interview with a couple

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Psychology 2023 Week 8 Case Study: Couple Interviews

Instructions Case Study Outline 1 Read the following case study and interview questions complete the interview with a couple 2023


Instructions – Case Study Outline

1. Read the following case study and interview questions; complete the interview with a couple.

Week 8 Case Study: Couple Interviews

Couple Interviews

Students are to conduct an interview with one couple (e.g., race/cultural difference; same sex couples; older versus younger couples; etc.). You will describe the couples’ strengths and healthy functioning patterns. Please note, this is an assessment interview, not a counseling session. The assessment interview questions below can be integrated into your Case Study outline. You may have the option to hand write, audio record by phone, or video tape this interview.(if you choose to video tape, you must have the camera on you and not the couple). 

You can use this interview as a reference, to assist you in completing your assessment. You are going to use the information from the couple interview to formulate your answers for the Case study outline submission.  Develop a treatment plan and interventions,  and Complete the case study outline, post a 1-2 minute video on your outline. Submit your outline as an attachment. Do not post the questions/or video recording of the couple.

Your outline should present insight into couple dynamics, such as the patterns and strengths you identify within the couple. Consider asking the couple what they consider to be an important story about their relationship. What do you think this story means? You may also ask the couple to tell you how they met. Use resources from your text, videos and readings. Do not include questions in your write up. Submit your case study outline.

Potential Questions for Your Couple Interview

This is just to get you started, you can add or edit these….

1. How long were your parents married (if they were)? ________

2. Are they still Married_______ Divorced? ________

3. Did you do any pre-marital counseling? How did you prepare for marriage?

4. Do you consider marriage a lifetime commitment?

5. Please give your personal definition of “Marriage.” Who have been your role models for marriage?

6. From your viewpoint, what are the advantages or benefits of a marriage?

7. What are its disadvantages?

8. What has been your biggest surprise in being married?

9. Is your marriage different than how you imagined marriage to be?

10. What have been some of the obstacles you have had to overcome as a couple?

11. How do you tell whether a marriage is successful?

12. How has your idea of marriage changed since you were a child?

13. How has having children effected your marriage?

14. How do you navigate in-laws?

2. Complete the Case Study Outline (use pseudo-names and do not include photos). 

a. Background information and Socio-cultural considerations.

b. Assessment (assessment methods must be consistent with the theory you have read for this week’s assignments, video clips or theory mentioned in the vignette).

c. Treatment plans, must list 3 treatment goals that follow logical problem solving.

d. Interventions (Interventions must be consistent from theory/ theories you are using for the case study) include collateral stakeholders as part of the interventions as needed.

e. Discuss future research that may be needed.

3. Your Case Study Outline should be attached as a Word .doc file (.doc, .docx) or PDF.  

Video Link

 5 Essential Moves of the EFT Tango with Dr. Sue Johnson  


 Goldenberg, H., & Goldenberg, I. (2013): Chapters 15 and 16 

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