2023 Instructions A common element in SFBT and Narrative Therapy is to provide positive feedback

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Psychology 2023 Reply to Principles of Feminist, Solution-Focused, and Narrative Therapies

Instructions A common element in SFBT and Narrative Therapy is to provide positive feedback 2023



  • A common element in SFBT and Narrative Therapy is to provide positive feedback to clients acknowledging their strengths and struggles, complimenting their improvements, and providing encouragement to continue forward.
  • Respond to one peer by reflecting critical understanding of his/her identified struggle and give this type of positive feedback. Use at least one reference to the course material.
  • Simply indicating, “I agree,” is not a sufficient response.
  • When you begin, type the name of the person you are replying to.
  • Make an analysis of the other person’s work/thinking.
  • Support your comment with a reason, an example, or –preferably– by a reference from the material you’ve read in this course.
    • Respond to 1 peer
    • The expectation is that response posts will add factual information to the discussion, whether in agreement or disagreement with the peer’s original post. 
    • 75-100 words
  • Reply to Kristen


Some benefits of Feminist Theory that clients could have is to experience some of the central goals which is to empower, bring value, affirm their diversity, and strive for change, and independence (Corey, 2017). To share those beliefs can show clients the way social structure and culture has influenced some ideas and beliefs about an individual as well as begin to show other clients that they are not going through the same things alone (Corey, 2017). The idea of showing how different factors such as sexism, racism, ethnocentrism, heterosexism, ageism, and classism and how they contribute to different feelings of depression and oppression can begin conversation between client and therapist to become aware of the influence, in order to change the language of their story, and then begin to seek action for social change (Corey, 2017). Recognizing those social factors can also become a setback with clients. By focusing on the sociocultural and sociopolitical factors that can contribute to oppression and depression, and by not remaining neutral can influence client’s thinking as can any therapy. However, with the emphasis on sociocultural aspects this can then provide a scapegoat and place focus on symptoms due to the environment, rather than motivate action and change. Putting the focus externally can leave the client without fault and create a bitterness or vengeance against society. The danger of not remaining neutral is influencing the process of changing the language from victim to empowerment to remaining a victim of circumstance. 

Both SFBT and Narrative Therapy focuses on the conversation and the language of the client and letting them tell the story of their own lives (Corey, 2017). Having less of a focus on symptoms, diagnosing, and therapist influence but instead turning it over on the client can bring a sense of empowerment in their own capabilities. As it was mentioned that clients have the right tools and capabilities to bring change on their own (Corey, 2017, p. 368) This can impact the clients by bringing greater motivation to change because they are in charge of the whole process, with little hesitation of feeling inferior or incompetant. 


  • Corey, G. (2017). Theory and Practice of Counseling and Psychotherapy. Cengage Learning

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