Psychology 2023 Article Review

Emerging Adulthood A theory of development from the late teens through the twenties 2023

Emerging Adulthood: A theory of development from the late teens through the twenties.

Instructions: For the article, write an essay in your own words (do not copy sentences out of the paper) that summarizes and critiques the article you have read. Be sure to begin by briefly summarizing the article. Next, analyze those aspects of the article that were clear or confusing to you. Conclude by speculating about broader implications and possible future directions of research in the area described in the article. A plan for your essay is shown below:

Part One: Article Summary. Summarize the overarching idea(s) and/or theme of the article as the authors have presented them. This section should reflect your understanding of the literature presented in the article. Be sure to include developmental implications and theoretical underpinnings (for example, what theories have we discussed in class that might support these ideas?).

Part Two: Strengths of the Article. Identify and characterize the useful features of the article. That is, what aspects of the article seemed particularly strong? Did you find a certain section of the article to be particularly helpful? (Eye-opening? Interesting? Salient to your understanding of development?) Describe why.

Part Three: Weaknesses of the Article. Identify and characterize the confusing aspects of the article. That is, did you find any weaknesses in the ideas presented or the literature review? Was any particular section confusing to you? Did the authors draw conclusions that were inappropriate, in your opinion? Why?

Part Four: Conclusion. Conclude your essay by speculating about the broader implication of this article/topic. Why does this article/topic matter? How could this information be used? Additionally, identify future directions of research (go ahead and be creative). Based on what you read, what should we study next?

Length: Two full pages (not to exceed three pages).

Plagiarism: Do not copy any portion of a paper into your essays. Plagiarism interferes with the main purpose of having you prepare these papers, which is to get you to synthesize what you have read and then explain it and analyze it IN YOUR OWN WORDS.

Format: You do not have to include a reference page with this assignment. However, your paper should be written in APA format and include a title page.

• Title page (including title of paper, student’s name with middle initial, and Oral Roberts University centered on 3 lines, double spaced between, in the upper half of the page)

• Page numbers in the upper right corner of the page, beginning with the title page

• 1” margins on all four sides, double spaced throughout (no extra space between paragraphs)

• 12 point Times New Roman font

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