2023 A Situation Statement 5 Research steps to finalize PR program B Action Plan 1 Checklist Table of Contents scenario below A

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Psychology 2023 public relation project

A Situation Statement 5 Research steps to finalize PR program B Action Plan 1 Checklist Table of Contents scenario below A 2023

A. Situation Statement
5. Research steps to finalize PR program
B. Action Plan
1. Checklist/Table of Contents

scenario below

A. Situation Statement

1.  Client Description- XYZ Company is a growing producer of office furniture and supplies. The company has over 500 employees and currently services the United States as well as Canada and Mexico.

 i. Client Mission- XYZ Company works diligently and ethically to offer a range of   furniture and products that contribute to reaching a client’s fullest potential, without   sacrificing quality, sustainability, or employee wellbeing.

 ii. Intended Audience- Sexual harassment class will be presented to current and new   employees in every department prior to starting their position, and midway through the year to serve as a reminder.

2.  Specific Problem- Despite the XYZ Company’s commitment to employee wellbeing, a recent sexual harassment event within the company’s accounting department has recently been made public. Public relations specialists within the company need to devise an effective approach to remedying the situation while quashing internal concern amongst employees.

3.  Appropriate and relevant objectives- Examples of sexual harassment. What the consequences will be for someone who does a sexual harassment event. How to approach someone who is sexually harassing you. How to report the harassment. 

4.  Research steps to finalize PR program- Examine all applicable research steps in the public relations process and apply them to our sexual harassment situation, while referencing real-world examples for appropriate courses of action.

B. Action Plan

1.  Checklist/Table of Contents- The table of contents will include all major headings and any subsections within the headings to provide clarity and guidance in navigating the public relations piece.

2.  Sample research questionnaire- Similarly to the acquisition of the research plan, real world questionnaires, preferably that align with the examples found in the research plan, will be utilized.

3.  Press Kit Outline- The press kit will contain multiple media and promotional materials in an electronic format that will contribute to identifying, explaining, and resolving the sexual harassment scandal within XYZ Company.

4.  Cover memo describing social media approach:

 i. Make a statement on the Twitter page to address the events regarding the sexual   harassment and let it be known that this is something that we do not condone. Put out   the fire before it spreads and tarnishes the company’s name and brand.

5.  Special event proposal- A luncheon seminar that goes over sexual harassment in the   workplace and how important it is to report it and get the situation taken care of right   away.

6.  Website proposal or changes to an existing website- On the XYZ Company’s website a banner will be placed, similar to the ones frequently used in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, a section of the website can be dedicated toward’ s XYZ’s efforts to combat future incidents.

7.  How our PR program would be evaluated if implemented- An effective tool that would help in evaluating XYZ Company’s public relations program would be the use of surveys to lost, current, and prospective customers to view the impact that the company’s public relations program had on mitigating the incident and preventing it from occurring again.

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