10 pages memo

Business Finance

please I need 10 excellent quality pages , its has to go thorough everything below and please make it organized and dynamic paper.

Journalist Says Trump Foundation May Have Engaged In ‘Self-Dealing’


Draft a memo addressing the following prompts regarding the broad cast above:

  1. what does it mean to be ‘Good’ at business? This answer should be thorough.
  2. Identify any and all ethical issues.
  3. Identify any and all legal issues.
  4. Do any of the actions taken in 2 and 3 qualify as ‘Good’ business?
  5. Are any of the actions taken in 2 and 3 morally justifiable? Compare and contrast to the ethical theories discussed in our book.
  6. Provide a personal reflection on the issues in this case and how they play in to your future as a business person and citizen.