1.Compute net income

Business Finance

Question: During 2016, serenity creek spa reported revenue of $50,000. Total expenses for the year were $35,000. Serenity Creek Spa ended the year with total assets of $31,000, and it owed debts totaling $8,000. At year-end 2015, the business reported total assets of $16,000 and total liabilities of $8,000.


  1. Compute Serenity Creek Spa’s net income for 2016.
  2. Did Serenity Creek Spa owner’s equity increase or decrease during 2016? By how much?

Requirement 1: Compute Serenity Creek Spa’s net income for 2016

Begin by identifying the formula to calculate net income and then enter the amounts to solve for net income

Choose 1: – Choose 1: = Net Income
Cash Cash
Expenses Expenses
Net Income Net Income
Net Loss Net Loss
Revenues Revenues

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